Building Market, Product, and
System Excellence

For more than 43 years, Kenmar has consistently developed the most effective strategic international growth opportunities for our principals. As a full service automotive sales and marketing organization our success is attributable to the breadth and depth of our relationships throughout the industry; a tribute to our market research, in depth knowledge and experienced professional staff.

Our relationships at the very top of the OEM's provide market direction and planning knowledge which is critical to the growth of our clients. These same relationships also provide access to the fundamental objectivity often required to add new suppliers or technology to the ever shrinking supply base. Middle management and working level relationships provide market access and the continuous flow of technical and product information required to assure the long term success of our principals.

  The Kenmar Approach
  • A complete evaluation of customer needs and expectations
  • Development of a performance based operating proposal tailored to customer needs and expectations
  • Review performance proposal with customer, revise as required, and structure an agreement for approval
  • Assemble a launch team, define international interfaces, and create communication channels
  • Manage the cost, process, and staffing requirements as program and process performance is confirmed at supplier location
  Mission and Guiding Principles

Kenmar is a customer driven organization and our objective is to continually improve our company and its services to meet our clients’ needs. Quality is first. To achieve client/customer satisfaction, the quality of our work and services must be our number one priority. Kenmar is the first major sales and marketing organization to be certified to ISO 9001:2000.

People and participation are key to our organization. People are the main source of our strength, and participation is vital to our team process. Our network of team players provides our corporate intelligence and determines our vitality.

Integrity must never be compromised. The conduct of our company worldwide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and positive contributions to society. Continuous improvement is essential to our success. We must strive for excellence in everything we do - in our services, our human relations and our competitiveness - TO BE THE BEST!

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